Surgical And Non-surgical Hair Replacement Options For Women

Hair replacement works well for most women. Although there are some side effects and it takes a while before the hair is restored, it is effective, nonetheless. Tissue expansion improves the blood circulation in the scalp and a woman can really get back her hair in a few months. There are multiple agencies who you can trust for female hair replacement in London.

Androgen hormone is mostly found in male and their presence in female body is not welcome. When there is a testosterone and androsterone imbalance in the endocrine system of a woman, the body immunity system responds by shedding hair. Hair replacement for such cases are hormone replacement therapy actually which brings the balance back in her endocrine system and the hair loss is stopped. Soon, fresh cells grow in that part of the skin and new hair start to grow from the healed follicles.

There are some non-surgical hair replacement methods as well and the first condition for that treatment would be a healthy life with great aerobic exercise, proper stress management and a healthy diet. Aerobics is great for improving the blood circulation in our body which, consequently, leads to removal of dead cells and grow new cells. A good diet keeps the chemicals in our body in perfect balance and lowers the stress which the body is fighting against. Stress management also reduces the stress and helps in enhancing the immune system of the body.

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