Women’s Hair Replacement

At Bloomsbury Wigs we've gained a reputation as the UK's leading specialist in women's hair replacement. By combining our expertise with the latest non surgical attachment methods we have created an unrivaled product that provides a non-intrusive and instant solution. Our women's hair replacement solutions are personalised, amending the specifications to your own special requirements.

Female Hair Replacement London

Our commitment to innovative female hair replacement solutions, along with an unrivaled attention to detail ensures our position as industry leaders in non surgical hair replacement.

We access all the most innovative and technologically advanced female hair replacement systems and solutions available. Recognised by different medical bodies, these female hair replacement methods have no side effects and are completely safe.

The optional creation of a mould enables us to produce a perfect fit for the scalp, replicating the contours and providing a 'second skin' fit and comfort- a breakthrough in new female hair replacement techniques.

Our super-fine, transparent foundation materials provide a fully natural, undetectable appearance, allowing visibility of the patient’s underlying scalp skin. Our fine lace materials create an undetectable front hair line providing the appearance of hair growing from the skin.

Bloomsbury London's hair replacement techniques enable the hair to be restored either gradually or rapidly, depending upon client suitability. At Bloomsbury's we continue to provide the best hair replacement cost in the UK.

We have managed to make the women's hair replacement process cost effective and our non-surgical hair systems are affordable. We continue to offer the most effective hair replacement cost in the UK without compromising on quality.

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