European Hair Wigs

At Bloomsbury Wigs our European hair wigs are undoubtedly the finest wigs available within the hair replacement industry. Unprocessed hair, as the name suggests, is not subject to any chemical processing or adjustment to alter the hairs natural colour, texture or structure. This is the most beautiful hair available worldwide.  For those demanding the very best European human hair wigs - be prepared to be impressed.

European Human Hair Wigs

For fully bespoke orders, you are welcome to select from our extensive collection of unprocessed European wigs & ponytails.  Our unprocessed human hair, is guaranteed to retain its lustre and appearance, unlike conventional processed hair.  Our European hair wigs & ponytails are blended to achieve perfect results every time.

We understand that the specifications for each client will be different.  Our consultation will consider all details of the hair type from ethnicity, texture and structure to length.

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