Solution: Wigs for Chemo Patients

Our Chemo Wigs UK Solutions

We understand the psychological impact of hair loss experienced when undergoing chemotherapy. At Bloomsbury’s we aim to remove the anxiety from the process of dealing with your hair loss. Our aim is to restore our client’s lives by providing the highest grade of chemotherapy wigs available in the UK.

What to expect from our hair pieces for Chemotheropy Patients?

Our vulnerable clients are often anxious and concerned by the prospect of finding a chemotherapy wig or hair systems that will appear natural while providing a secure fit for the duration of their treatment and afterwards when their hair is re-growing. Purchasing a wig for chemo patients can be a daunting prospect. Our understanding and expertise will ensure that your purchasing experience is both supportive and morale-boosting.

In our experience, customers undergoing chemotherapy find their visits pleasant and positive, completely surprised by just how natural and realistic the modern day piece for chemotherapy patients can be.

Why choose Bloomsbury Wigs?

We have a huge collection of chemotherapy wigs for you to choose from. With options from a bespoke wig or ready to wear, you can find a wig to match every detail and characteristic necessary for you from texture, colour, structure through to the final style and finish. We would recommend the ready to wear and semi-customised services if you are not able to wait for 12-16 weeks to make a fully bespoke piece.

In addition we offer education and advice on grooming, maintenance and product usage.

Please be advised that chemotherapy patients can consider using their own hair if ordering fully bespoke pieces. UK standards are always kept and we will carefully guide you through this specialist service.

Bloomsbury wigs prides itself on offering both traditional and contemporary styles in an experienced manner and discreet environment. A free, private consultation is available by appointment.

We would like to offer you our care and support at this difficult time.

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